White Cadillac Escalade Stretch Limousine

Miami Airport Limousine is very pleased to bring you the White Cadillac Escalade Stretch Limo. It can comfortably accommodate a maximum of 20 people and because of its bigger size, it has extra room for legs and heads, so that you are guaranteed to be comfortable and relaxed. It looks as big as a school bus and as majestic as a fighter jet, such is the grandeur and beauty of this exquisite limo. Its shining white color gives it an aura of elegance and authority. The long windows are shaded and their contrast with the overall exterior is extremely pleasing to the eye. The inside looks as big as an RV, only a million times more premium and exceptional. It is full of latest and state-of-the art entertainment options. The spacious feel of the interior is unlike any other limo out there and you’ll surely remember it for a very long time. We customize all our luxury limousines to optimize the unique and luxurious experience of our clients. We have done the same with the White Escalade; it has the capacity to be fully customized according to your needs and requirements. It is also brimming with these astonishing features: ● The interior is styled like a lounge due to the immense size of the vehicle ensuring a very comfortable travelling experience ● Surround sound stereo system is fitted in to satisfy your aural entertainment needs ● Flat screen TV, DVD and Blu-Ray player ● Hardwood floor to provide style and sophistication ● Party lighting system with a unique touch to bring flavor to your experience ● Shaded and Tinted windows that enhance the bravura and elegance of the design ● Touch screen control panel to operate the screens, lights, and sound system ● Extra space for leg and head, so that you can get additional comfort ● The most comfortable seats for up to 20 persons The Perfect Vehicle for a Bachelorette Party or a Wild Prom Night! The White Escalade Stretch Limo will be your perfect travel companion for a bachelorette party or a prom night. This latest limousine is fashionable, sophisticated and versatile. This limousine can be used for any kind of conveyance during numerous events, whether you are busy with your friends partying out at nights, getting wild on a prom night, or getting married, this limo is the best option. You can also hire this limo to improve occasions like group transfers, VIP conveyance, and corporate functions. No matter where you decide to travel, this limousine will take you there in style. The versatility of this car is as such that it can be used for various functions and events. However, the White Cadillac Escalade Stretch Limousine is the best option for proms nights and bachelorette parties in particular. It has enough space to accommodate 20 people so it is suffice to say that your friends will have the most comfortable limousine experience possible. The luxuries inside the limo will have a lasting effect on you with a lounge-like setting, latest multimedia gadgets and refreshment options. You are sure to enjoy the surround stereo sound, LED lighting, tinted shades and a touch screen control panel to operate them all. You can also take your companion to a date in a remarkable, majestic and stylish vehicle such as this White Cadillac Escalade Stretch Limousine. Also envision having a well-mannered chauffeur opening the limo’s doors for you and driving you around, it all gets very spectacular. And then when you go inside with your date and witness the magnificence of the interior, and its design and luxuries, you will truly believe that it is an experience like no other. It is our promise that you’ll be the one arriving to the party in the most stylish fashion and all the attention will be fixated on you. At Miami Airport Limousine, you don’t just get the luxury car, you also get a chauffeur deserving of such a limo and capable of giving you the most comfortable drive possible. Our chauffeurs are highly skilled and highly experienced in the art of limousine driving. They are also trained to be specially polite and helpful to you in case you need them for any matter. Wherever you go, the chauffeurs will go with you and if you stay late at a function or a party, they will wait for you to comeback, as their first priority is to give you the best time possible. When you call Miami Airport Limousine to hire our services, you are promised to be delivered the following: ● Highly courteous chauffeurs with bags of experience and comprehensive knowledge of local areas and landmarks ● Complete privacy ● Extremely clean and fully maintained limousine with an interior like a night club ● Well-equipped limo with comfortable seating and lavish atmosphere ● Mini bar which holds various refreshment items Planning a bachelorette party,a wedding?, or going to a prom, the White Cadillac Escalade Stretch Limousine is the best option for you. Give us a call now at (786) 358-0127 or visit the online reservation portal for more details.

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